India part 8: Pushkar

I worked out last night that, by the time I reach Delhi again next week, I will have traveled about 6,000 miles overland in India. That's an average of just under 100 miles a day, from Bangalore to Rajasthan to Sikkim and back to Rajasthan. It certainly hasn't felt like that distance, but I have arranged for my last couple of weeks to be more relaxed.

Pushkar is one of India's holiest cities. According to legend, it is the only place where Brahma can be worshiped.  The town is based around a lake, with a couple of hill-top temples overlooking it. Last time I was here (for a few hours in 2010) the lake was almost dry, but it currently seems to be full.   

Pushkar is a center for travelers, and a lovely place to relax. My friend Vicky suggested a guesthouse called Lake View, which turned out to be superb: comfortable, cool rooms and a rooftop patio overlooking the ghats. I've been taking life easily here, walking to the two hill top temples and eating some fantastic food. 

Tonight I'm heading to Rishikesh. I'd hoped to take the train, but I don't seem to be rising up the waiting list, so I will probably fall back on the 17 hour coach ride. It could be a long night. Still, Risikesh is likely to be very relaxed, and my friends Caspar and Emily should be already there when I arrive.

But before I set off, I'm going to have a 'Bowl of Joy' at Honey and Spice.  

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2 thoughts on “India part 8: Pushkar”

  1. The bowl of joy is shitake mushrooms, vegetables and millet (I think) in a miso sauce. Absolutely fantastic comfort food. Also had ‘apple crumble’ afterwards.
    The food in Pushkar is great. Last night my pizza was served on a wooden chopping block. How cool is that?

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