Here I am, trying to write a comment by sliding my finger round a smooth screen. It’s not the greatest experience – autocorrect is a shitter but slightly less so than not having any tactile feedback as I type. There’s a good chance I’ll lose my comment too, either by some weird HTTP/authentication black hole, or a phone battery issue. I’ll write quickly.

What’s your aim in writing 1 post a day?

If you’re going for quantity, then maybe there’s a habit > practice > internalisation benefit. Publishing as an emotional conflict – why publish your practice notes? But also, if you didn’t publish, then it wouldn’t be real and you wouldn’t learn. Quality comes into it, but more as a subconscious learning.

I’m finding writing up weekly weeknotes interesting – I haven’t forced myself to publish something weekly before. The closest I’ve been was to publish 100 words a day, for a month, say back when.

The rhythm is kicking in after about 3 months – I’m starting to find certain methods to make what I write interesting (for myself, at least…), and the repetition has certainly given me an apathy that translated into confidence (“publish or be damned!”).

But yeah, the reflective part is also a big thing. I like the point about doing something with what we consume, and wouldn’t be surprised if there was even some therapeutic benefit of just spitting stuff out. Microblogging (remember that word?) as frequent bloodletting or brain tapping.

Right, I’m off to write up last week, surrounded by coffee and tears.