This interests me because I have just read a book called ‘The Praise Singer’ by Mary Renault. According to her writing down their narratives was anathema to bards because while it preserved them, it also fixed them (as in jam preserves) so they could no longer evolve to suit the times. Idries Shah also says that writing has misled many people about what Sufism is because a true teacher teaches based on what is appropriate in the moment to a particular person and there is no dogma of belief in Sufism, and he is scathing about Sufis who teach dervish dancing which he says were designed for a particular 13th century nomadic tribe in the desert and has no efficacy at all. The same of course is true in storytelling. We now tell stories which were ‘preserved’ and would, if not written down, perhaps have evolved to suit our time and situation. Not of course that I wish writing hadn’t been invented (!) but it may be true that when recorded or written material becomes more important that live performance and people no longer make music or tell but just listen, something is lost. Glad I found your blog again. Since I changed to a Mac I haven’t been able to find blogs I follow on the menu bar.