Reading to my neice

It’s like some grotesque Alan Moore-style reinvention.  I was reading to my 10-month-old neice before she went to bed and someone passed me Dear Grandma Bunny a 1996 Miffy  book.  Children’s books are darker than they were when I was young.  Dear Grandma Bunny begins:

"Why is Miffy so unhappy
On her cheek a tear is bright.
Do you know why she is crying?
Miffy’s grandma died last night

First Mog and now this.  What next?

(The book came from a Miffy library someone brought Liz as a present.  They phoned her when they realised what Dear Grandma Bunny was about.  Luckily my Mum found it funny).

That’s Not My Pony was a much better read.

First week over

I’m now relaxing in Melbourne, having completed my first week in the new job.  As these things usually go I spent the first few days reading documentation and learning about the project.  I’m very excited: I’ll be using Eclipse, EJB, SCRUM and various other exciting things.  The office is quiet and I can’t wait for the first Sprint to start.

Coventry itself is beautiful, inside the ring road at least.  The ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral are striking.  I remember school assemblies where we were told about the Coventry miracle, the cross made of iron nails found in the ruins; it’s strange to finally see it.  And there’s also the status of Lady Godiva, just outside Waterstones.

The only problem is a lack of connectivity.  The town has lots of wifi-enable bars and cafes, but it would be good to have something more constant.  Having said that, I’m getting a lot done in the evenings: working on my writing and reading. 

I finished a few books in the last week, the best of which was Haruki Murakami‘s Norwegian Wood.  I’ve read a couple of Murakami books and never really enjoyed them. I was surprised  by this, since  a number of people whose views I respect love his novels.  I was about to give up on this one but my friend Kitty insisted I continued.  After about chapter 5 it took off and became something remarkable.  I’m glad I read it.


I’ve arrived safe and sound in Coventry after a lovely visit to Luton.  This city isn’t the concrete hellhole people had suggested.  At night, from the flyovers of the ring road it is incredibly beautiful.  I can’t wait to explore. 

Meanwhile.  The job is going well.  We’re going to be using SCRUM, which is great news.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet and doing lots of writing. 

I’ll write a longer entry when I get to Derbyshire this weekend.