Wordia word of the day: wound

Today I am on the wordia site, defining the word of the day, wound: ‘the past tense and past participle of wind’.

The wordia project is a ‘visual dictionary’ which features short films defining particular words. Last week I went to the Jubilee Library with Rosy Carrick and Kay Sexton to be recorded for the site. Being filmed was a strange experience. I was very conscious of the stumbles and pauses in my speech, but Rob seems to have produced an edit which makes me sound more fluent than I did at the time. Watching myself on video is a strange experience and I’m more comfortable with it than I expected (although I definitely need a haircut!)

Kay blogs about the afternoon here. Kay defined row (to propel a boat by using oars) and Rosy defined note (a brief summary or record in writing, esp a jotting for future reference). Thanks to Rob Harper for filming and editing, and to Kay for inviting me to take part.

Rosy will be giving a talk on Thursday October 8th on ‘Cannibalism and Love Poetry in Performance’ at David Bramwell’s Catalyst Club.


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