Where’s James?

I’ve not been so good at updating my weblog the last fortnight (I was updating twitter in the meantime).  I spent a couple of weeks relaxing in Blackpool.  I did lots of writing, rediscovered my love of reading and spent hours walking along the beach.

Since Thursday I’ve been in Brighton.  I’ve caught up with a few people, but not as many as I would have liked.  Mostly I’ve continued relaxing and started preparing for some J2EE work.  I’m going to be here until Saturday at least, then I’m going to Derbyshire for a week before starting the new job.   As of the start of March I’m beginning a six month contract in Coventry.

I’ve not caught up with everyone in Brighton I would have liked to.  However, I’ll be making frequent trips back over the next six months.  I’m definitely going to be around the weekend of March 15/16, where I’ll be attending ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ at the Hanbury and BarcampBrighton2.  Hopefully I’ll catch up with some folks at one or both of those events.

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