Odds, ends and a dead santa

  • I loved reading Coding Horror's discussion of Swoopo.  I can't see why the scheme should be made illegal though – it's an ingenious idea. 
  • I visited Jake Spicer's studio yesterday. I saw some fascinating work-in-progress from his project with Megan Cooke, including a piece that did delightful things with perspective.  Jake's studio is in New England House.  I'd not seen inside the building but have long loved the exterior.  I'd love to have a space here, just for the views.


  • Via extoplasmosis:  photographs of Scott's hut on Antarctica. I researched Scott's mission for my Masters dissertation and was fascinated by Antarctica.  Nothing rots there, and traces of all the missions remain.
  • Walking home at the end of the night.  Lying at the side of the Hove seafront road was a Santa skin.  A passer-by might know of the Santa army's bravery that morning, charging headlong into the wind.  They might only see these remains and think this Santa suffered alone.


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