My favourite films of 2009

I'm running a little late with this so I'll post it briefly now before it's too out of date. My favourite films of 2009 were:

  1. Synecdoche, New York – currently my favourite film ever.
  2. Antichrist – although I had my eyes closed for a couple of bits
  3. Morris: A Life with Bells On – I had a great time seeing this at the Duke of York's, surrounded by real-life morris dancers
  4. Up – although mostly for the first five minutes.
  5. The Wrestler
    – I was underwhelmed when I watched this, because the ending seemed a
    disappointment, but I found myself thinking about it a lot afterwards.

I didn't see as many movies last year as in 2008, and I missed a few
that looked amazing. I was underwhelmed by both Moon and
District 9, which seemed illogical and obvious. I'm not sure why they
received the acclaim they did.

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