Fear of the Dark: final preparations

The final preparations are being made for tomorrow night's Fear of the Dark event. We had a meeting last night to plan the last few details and I'm very excited. When we started work on the event we wanted to do something special and I think we've managed that – tomorrow will be different to any spoken word night you've seen.

I'd love to say more, but I have a couple more things to do before bed. The night starts 8pm at the Marlborough Theatre. For more information look here.


Fear of the dark: an addition to the bill

I'm very excited about Fear of the Dark next Thursday, but putting on a night is also a little nervewracking. There are so many things to remember and I occasionally find myself worrying, just before falling asleep. What if I've forgotten something? What if nobody comes, and we're forced to perform to an empty theatre?

But there are some wonderful things about organising a night, one of which is watching a series of performers you think are great. I've just made the final addition to the bill, which is a musician, Strawberries and a Peach (you can listen to some tracks of her tracks on the myspace page).

Meanwhile, I'm continuing preparations with the other performers. I think this is going to be an exciting night, and will certainly be different to anything you've seen before. Tickets are available in advance from the Marlborough or, with paypal, from fearofthedark.eventbrite.com. You must come!


1000 professional performance poets?

The Daily Telegraph has published an article on performance poetry today. It's a good overview of the scene, given the limited space. I was surprised at one section though:

"According to Geraldine Collinge, director of Apple and Snakes, the main
organisation promoting performance poetry in Britain, there are around 1,000
poets now making a primary living out of performance."

While I'd be delighted if there were 1,000 people making a "primary living" from poetry performance in the UK, the number does seem a little high. If it were true, I'd expect more of the poets I know to be living the high life and not working 'first jobs' as something else.

Fear of the Dark at the Marlborough Theatre, October 29th

At the end of the month I will be teaming up with Glue Gun ’91 to put on a very special Halloween spoken word event. Fear of the Dark will start in a brightly lit theatre, with the lights fading as the night continues, until the final acts are performed in near-complete darkness. We promise an entertainment like you’ve never experienced!

I will be reading short stories about clowns, zombies and worse. Rufus Moonshine and Gimley Whipple from Glue Gun ‘91 will be unleashing their own special blend of mayhem, including a performance of Swan Lake featuring special guest ‘Ruth Ellis’. Kay Sexton will be reading short stories and there will be poetry from Bernadette Cremin. We also have a musical interlude and a special guest appearance.

I’m very excited about this event. I met up with Rufus and Gimley earlier this week to discuss what we’re going to do. Every so often we’d come up with an idea, look at one another and decide that, maybe, that was going too far. We’re aiming for a mood a little like Jam and have some lovely ideas.

The night will start at 8pm in Brighton’s Marlborough Theatre on Thursday 29th October. Tickets are £5 (or £4 for concessions). You can buy tickets on the door or in advance. I’ll post a web link soon, and there’ll be tickets available behind the bar at the Marlborough from this weekend.

I didn’t even mention the apple bobbing, the cake, or the any of the other stuff… Fear of the Dark is going to be something special: you must come!